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Glitches you Need Surf for.
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Glitches you Need Surf for.

All of the glitches below need surf for it work.

Turn Grass into Water
First, go to as far down and to the left as you cn in Pallet town.
Then, go to the right while holding Start.
Then turn the game off and turn it back on, and then use surf.
You should go down, instead of the to side.
After that go up, and the top left hand corner should be water, instead of grass.
Go Back to Agatha from Lance
Here is how you do it. First, stand where I am in this picture, it is in Lances room in the Elite Four.
Now move to the right while holding start.
And save the game. Turn it off and turn it back on. You should be facing the right. Now use surf. You should go down instead of to the side.
Then move down twice. and there you go.

Surf in statues
As you know, from the glitch above, you can surf in any statue that looks like those. I.E. In the Cerulean Gym

Over Lv 100 Pokemon
Go to Viridian City, and talk to man near the top that asks if you are in a hurry. Say yes. Now fly to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down the half water/half land on the right side of the island. Many times, pokemon over Lv 100 will appear. I.E.
It depends on what letters and symbols are in your name

Reboard the S.S. Anne
First of all, make sure the ship has set sail.
So you have to stand on a diagonal to the man.
Now move to the right while while pressing start and save the game.
Now turn the game off and turn it back on again. You should be facing the right. Now use surf. Instead of going to the side, you will go down.
Now go down again, and you can now enter the S.S. Anne.

Stand on water
First go to Cerulean Gym. Go and surf behind this swimmer.
Now press start and select surf again.

Surf on swimmer
First, once again, go to Cerulean Gym. Now as soon an you enter, go to the right.
Go all the way to the right, then go up behind the swimmer.
Now use surf.

Disappearing Girl
Here's how it goes: Go to Cinnabar Island and make sure you dont have the key to the gym with you (so its locked).

Now make the girl thats walking around line up with the gym door.  Now, quickly, go between the girl and the door.
It should keep saying The door is locked...
 It will keep saying in until the girl moves out of the way.  Once she does, quickly go to the right and surf.
Once you surf, the girl will disappear!

Catch M Twice in the same battle
No pictures for this yet, sorry....
Okay, first talk to the man in Vermillion that says Ahh, how I've had my coffee, and I feel great....
Then Fly to Cinnabar and sufr on the right side of the island.
When a M appears, catch it.
After you caught it, you will still be in battle and M will attack you.
Catch it again, and it will be a Ditto.

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