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Dewford Footprints
If you walk in front of the gym in dewford your feet don't leave footprints

Grammer Error
If you use a potion on a pokemon with only 1 damage it will say **** recovered by 1 points

Use dig without knowing it
Have a pokemon that knows dig and is really, really close to growing a level learning a new move. Go into a double battle. Have a really slow, but strong pokemon, and kill and opponent while you have the other one use dig/bounce/?fly?/?dive?. Then it will grow a level and learn a new move. Get rid of dig/bounce/fly/surf. Then the next turn it will use dig/ bounce even though it doesn't know it

Sootopolis Gym
Go to the back of the statue that says "This is sootopolis gym" or whatever, and it will say the same thing.

Dewford Gym Glitch
Go behind the statue on the right, and press A on the wall behind it.

Missingno is in the game. He is alot harder to find than shiney. My guess is that everytime you go inside, outside, or you change a Route/Town, it will move to another route, just like Latios/Latias/Raikou/Entei/Suicune. Plus, its rarer to encounter than a shiney, even when you are on the right route with it. Kawaii Pikiachu from the forums said he encountered it a couple times after beating the Level 100 Battle Tower.

Catch Celebi
Its just a glitch, there are two ways it may be. 1. A picture of Celebi may appear instead of the pokemon you really battle. 2. It really is a Celebi. It very rare, even rarer that Missingno.

Fish on peoples head
When ever there are people in the water, right by land, you can fish on them. Or, you can fish, and if the people in the water are moving around, they could move under your rod.
Splash Water on Guy
I'm assuming this is a glitch, tell me if it isnt.
On route 120, near 121, there is a trainer standing underneath a puddle of water.  Well, walk to him in that puddle of water, and water will splash on him.
Reflection on Rock
Go here. . its on route 111, right next to the Winstrate house.
When your are right there, go down one step. You should see a reflection on the square below you.
!, really?
Go to a berrie while it is changing (sparkling), and press A on it.  A menu should pop up saying......
Thunder/Thunderbolt Glitch
When Thunder/Thunderbolt is used in battle, sometimes that game will freeze and Thunder/Thunderbolts noise will stay there until you turn off the game.
Make Gentleman walk on a Fence.
You cannot have battled her yet.
Go to Route 21, right before Lilycove, with all the fences.  There is only one gentleman there, so thats the one.  You must go past him, down to the fenced area below him, when he isn't looking.  Take the pokeball that is right underneath him, and stand where the pokeball was.  When the gentleman sees you....HE WILL WALK RIGHT ON TOP OF THE FENCE!
Berry Glitch
When you have the game for exactly a year, the clock stops.  All the berries stop growing, the Space Launches stop, Clock doesnt work, ect.
Have the Aroma Lady walk on a ledge.
You cannot have battled her yet.
Go to Mauville City, and go to the right.  The first girl you see is the Aroma Lady. Stand directly to the left of the ledge (the one closest to Mauville), but in line with the aroma lady.  When she sees you, she will walk up to you, and walk on the ledge!
Change Start Menu Chooser Button
Go into Petalburg Woods, and press start.  The chooser (the thing that you move up and down to choose stuff) should be red.   Now press A on any menu there, except start, and then press B.  The chooser should be a dark red.
To change it back, Press A on save, then press B


Land on Rock in Sky Pillar Go to the second floor of the Sky Pillar (where you catch Rayquaza, you need a Mach Bike). This part is tricky. On the fourth crumbling area (the first one on the right side), stay all the way to the right hand side (right next to the wall). Fall through the last hole there, and you will land on a rock. 

Walk on Ledge

Go to Sootopolis, and go to the Second Highest set of stairs on the right side of the island.  Go onto the first step, and press the left button. There you go!.

Push Boulder onto Ladder Go to Shaol Cave, and get to the Ice Section. Then go back up. You can push the boulder onto the ladder.

Elevator Glitch Go to the battle tower, and beat the first trainer. Now when it asks you if you are ready, say no. Then save the game. When it restarts, most of the time the lady brings you to a different room.

No Wild Battles while Surfing Its Simple, just surf on the areas that you can dive in.


Kill without Removing HPs (Ruby Only)

To do this, you have to super kill your opponent in one shot, like a double OHKO, and they faint without losing any HP's.  PigZiggy from Serebiiforums maxed Calm Mind from Kyogre and uses Water Sprout on a low level Sandshrew, and this is what happened


Mawiles Pokedex: (Ruby Only)

Mawiles pokedex reads as follows:

"MAWHILE's huge jaws
are actually steel horns that have been transformed. Its docile looking face
serves to lull its for into letting down its guard. When the least expects it,
MAWHILE chomps it with its gaping jaws."

Get National Dex on it without having it on Emerald
This has happened with an english ruby and japanese emerald (were not sure if it matters yet)-

To get the National Dex, you have to trade with Emerald to R/S. It seems that Alakazam from www.serebiiforums.com does not have the National Dex in Emerald, traded to R/S, and got the National Dex in R/S.

Weird Msuic/Other thing...
1. You cannot have talked to the man in oldale who gives you the potion.
2. You must have a full bag.
How to do the glitch:
1. Talk to the man in oldale
2. When he leads you to the pokemart, he won't give you the potion because the bag is full.
3. Leave oldale. (Preferably route 103. It's closest.)
4. Come back into oldale and talk to the man. He should still be by the mart.
5. If you talk to him from the pokemart entry, (don't go in) he will say "follow me" and not take you anywhere. You can walk around oldale with the 'follow me' music going.
- If you talk to him any other direction, you go straight through the pokemart and onto a tree.

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