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Here are glitches that don't go in any other category.

New Missingno Pictures
Well, you have to start a new game.
Okay, once you've got that done, you have to do the Missingno. Glitch. Go to Viridian, talk to the man that asks if your in a hurry two times. Answer yes the first time, and no the second time. Then fly to Cinnabar and surf up and down the island. Eventually you will come upon.....
You may not think it works...i didnt, until i tried it. and it works. Thank to Prof. Glitch from the forums!
UPDATE: More Info on this, go to Prof. Glitch's Site
Stuck in Wall
To do this, you first have to restart the game.  DO NOT GO INTO THE PATCH OF GRASS THAT PROF. OAK IS IN.  Go to the girl that is walking around by your house.  Block her way so she gets to here.
. Once she's there, quickly go next to her, before she moves.

and then the game will do the rest.
Amazing Man
There are four versions of amazing man.
1. Go to Celadon City. Go to the left to Cycling Road without your bike. You can deposit it into your pc. Anyway, go inside the building, and keep going across. When the lady talks to you, you should walk up to her. When you do, a man should appear in the wall above her.
2. Go to Cinnabar Island. This only works before you get the key to unlock the gym. Surf on the half land/half water on the right side of the island. When you are right below the gym, go to the left. Keep walking to the left until the thing pops up that says the gyms locked. A man should appear above the roof.
VARIATIONS: The man could appear in four different spots, depending on where you land from the water.  If you land right infront of the gym, he will appear where he is in the picture. If you land 1 space below the gym, then walk along the coast to the gym, and then infront of the door, He will appear one space lower from the picture.  Land 2 spaces away from the gym, walk along the coast, and then when you reach the gym walk infront of the door, and he will be two spaces lower from the picture, and then three space away from the base of the gym, walk along the coast, go infront of the door, and will be 3 spaces lower than the picture.
3. Go to Cerulean to the Nugget Bridge.  Make it so the first trainer is off the screen, but if you go up one space, he will be there.  Now go up the one space while holding start.  When the start menu pops up......
4. This works only when you haven delivered oaks parcel. Have the parcel with out. Now go into Viridians PokeMart, but dont talk to the clerk. Go infront of the clerk, though. Look at the lowest man in the building. As soon as he walks all the way to the bottom of the building, press A so you talk to the clerk.

Get on cycling road without a bike
To do this, go to Celadon City, and walk to Cycling Road. Make sure you dont have your bike with you. Go into the building, and walk to the left along the top edge. Go to the left, and keep pressing B and the left button. Even when the lady is talking to you.

Cycling Road Glitch
Go to where I am in this photo. Now ride down a little bit, and ride back up. There should be water there now.

Ditto Secret Attack Make sure you have Max Ether/Ether and PP up
Now, have a ditto with you. Make sure it is at the top of your pokemon party thing. Go to Cerulean, and walk up above the Nugget Bridge. Now go all the way to the left, and go down into the grassy area over there. Wait until you face a Pidgey. Now use Transform. When its your turn again, press Select on the last move, and select on the first move. Now either kill the pidgey or run, I dont remember. Now use your PP Up on Ditto's first move, called Cooltrainer. Then use Ether/Max Ether on it. Now get in a battle, and use it.

Get past Ghost in Pokemon Tower with out Silph Scope
Really, all you have to do it use a Pokedoll on it, and it runs away.

Invisible PC
Go to Celadon, and go to inside the mansion.
Go all the way to the right hand side corner, above the plant. Go up one, and press A. It will act like a computers there.

Inside Pokeball
There are two ways of doing this.
Go to Celadon Game Corner, to this guy.
Battle him and beat him. Now go to him, on the SAME SIDE as you are in the picture, and talk to him.
You can barely see it, but you are on a pokeball.
2. The second one, you have to still be in the game corner, but this time, go BEHIND Giovanni. Battle him, and beat him, once he leaves, you are on top of a pokeball that contains the Silph Scope.

Stand on Tree
Go to any cut downable tree, and cut it down. Go to where the tree was, and save the game. Now turn it off and back on again, and now you are standing on that tree.

Unknown Dungeon: Walk on walls.
I'm not going to into description on this one, for they are hard to explain. So I will just show you the pictures.

Disappearing Man
Go to the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City and find the woman who says that the slot machines have different odds. Stand in front of the slot machine directly above her, and keep an eye on the upper most guy on the right side of the screen. Now, press A. When it asks if you want to play the slot machine, say yes. That guy will vanish into thin air!

Riachu Evolve
Go to this man in Cinnabar that wants to trade your riachu for his electrode.
Say yes, and trade him you Riachu. Now when your all done trading, go to that man again, and press A on him.

Make Oak Dissappear

Start a a new game. No go to where Prof. Oak wants you to pick a starter. Walk down towards the exit. He will stop you. Keep doing it a bunch of times, and he, and you, will dissappear. Along with the middle pokeball and a pokedex.

Turn Spearow into a Ditto
First, have a ditto in your first position and face a wild spearow. Now use transform.
Now hope that the Spearow uses Mirror Move. (i have different Hp's because i had to battle more than once to make the Spearow use Mirror Move)
Now catch it. (you may have to use Mirror Move again before you try to catch it, I'm not sure. It wouldnt hurt to try.) Now catch the pokemon. I will say that ditto was caught, not spearow.

Walk a little with a Fainted Pokemon
First off, have one pokemon what has fainted, and one that isn't.
Now deposit the undead pokemon into the PC.
Now cancel out of the PC. Press start, then click on Pokemon.
You can walk about 3 steps until you black out.

Turn a HM into a TM, sorta
Use an HM on a pokemon. It will say, use TM on which pokemon?

See ghost without Silph Scope
Go to Pokemon Tower in Lavender. Face a ghost pokemon.
Now go to PkMn, a select a pokemon. Dont click on switch though, click on stats.
Now go back to the battle screen, and you can see the pokemon that was the ghost.

I only have one so far, but here it is. It says feat instead of feet. NOTE: THIS MAY NOT BE A MISPELLING, IT COULD BE TALKING ABOUT THE FEAT YOU ACCOMPLISHED ON THE NUGGET BRIDGE!

Man on Stairs.
First, go to Pewter City. Then go into the Museum. Go to the second floor, and go to the left. You should see a man moving around. Block his way so he must go to the right. After a while,

Duplicate Pokemon
This glitch requires 2 Pokémon games, 2 Game Boys, and 1 Game Link. In one version needs to be a Pokémon that they don't care about, and the in the other is the Pokémon to be duplicated. Start as usual and go to the Trade Center. Lets say you want to duplicate a Dragonite. Start to trade him to the other game, when the bad Pokémon is coming to you and the screen(s) say "waiting", get ready to turn your Pokémon game off. When the "waiting" disappears, turn off the Pokémon game that's GETTING the bad Pokémon before the screen says "Trade complete". When it says that, turn off the Pokémon with the Dragonite. Turn them both back on and you both should have Dragonite

Use Self Destruct/Explosion and live Try this code out with a friend, Have your opponent use Substitute. Use Explosion or Self Destruct while it is in effect. You will not lose any HP, but your pokemon will temporarily lose its graphic. In order to get your picture back, you must let your opponent hit you or you must switch your pokemon. Unfortunately, you can't do the trick again until he uses Substitute again!

House Peeker
Go to Pallet, and see the lady that is infront of your house. Block her was she cant go to the left. When she is in line to the dor to your house, stand behind her. Keep standing behind, and she will walk onto your house!!!
Thanks to PkMario for the picture

Raise your pokemon stats (even at lvl 100)
First, defeat a pokemon and earn to EXP. Now to a pokemon center and heal your pokemon. Now deposit the pokemon that earned the EXP into the PC, then withdraw it immediately, it stats should have risen. Its stats will raise more if you get more EXP in the last battle.

Evolve stone-needing-evolution pokemon without the stones. I.E. Eevee into a Vaporeon without the water stone.
Please note that this only works in Yellow.
In order to evolve a stone-evolving Pokémon without a stone, refer to the chart below. Put the Pokémon that you are trying to evolve into slot one of your belt, and the Pokémon specified below in slot two. Once you have your first and second slots filled, battle until the first raises a level, and it will evolve. If you have a Pikachu, it evolves with a Thunder Stone. A Thunder Stone's HEX value is 21. Growlithe's HEX value is also 21. So put a Growlithe underneath the Pikachu. Here's a chart of Stone, Pokémon equivalent (second slot on belt), and their HEX values: Evolution Stone/Pokémon for Slot 2/HEX Value
Moon Stone/Exeggutor/0A
Fire Stone/MissingNo./20
Water Stone/Onix/22
Leaf Stone/Psyduck/2F
Revive Pokemon without Revive
Just use a Rare Candy on it, and give it Potion or Max Potion
Disappearing Trees
Go below the city of Cerulean, by the day care center.  This works on both the left and right sides.  Dont go inside the section with the daycare, stay out of it.  Go to either side.   Go below the trees that are between that route and Cerulean, which would be above the daycare center.  Now walk down one of the sides, and you will see a bunch of trees.  Now gow below all of them, and walk back up.  There gone!.  To make them come back again, start from above and walk down.

1. Show your Menu after you save Anyhow, when you save when it says, (insert name) saved the game, press & hold the A button, the Menu box should still appear, all people sprites should disappear while you hold the A button. When you release it, everything will turn back to normal.

2. Make scientist in Fossil Lab appear in the Pokebox Withdraw Menu. To do this simply go to Cinnabar Island & go to the Pokemon Lab, then go to the 3rd door to the right (the last one) & turn on the nearest computer next to the guy who wants to trade with you. Next, go to Bill's PC & click on Withdraw, the guy who wants to trade with you & the fossil scientist should disappear, correct? Then, press B & the scientist & trader when reappear in the text boxes for a few seconds, repeat this & it will look like they're blinking on the screen or whatever.

3. Make gambler's hand blank Note: This has been tried only on green so results may vary. On Route 11, there is a Gambler standing next to the gate to Route 12. Walk up to him until he is opn the tip up edge of the screen, stop & look closely as the head bolder lines disappear & reappear repeatly, if the Gambler isn't on the top edge of the screen, this won't work.
Thanks to JeeBui from the forums

Disapearing Girl
Go to the safari zone, into the first house you see. Stand anywhere infront of the girl (you have to be in a straigh line with her) and press Start.

To raise your pokemon stats, deposit it into the PC, and take it out again. Its stats will be raised. You have to deafeat a pokemon for it to work again.