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Welcome! This is the Poke Glitch website!  Have fun.

These are glitches for Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal/Ruby/Sapphire/Fire Red/Leaf Green only.  They are really kool.  Please Join the forums.  IF YOU KNOW ANY GLITCHES THAT AREN'T IN THIS WEBSITE, POST IT IN THE FORUMS OR TELL ME!

Update - November 22nd, 2006: If you haven't already noticed, this site is basically dead. All information and further updates can be found at Glitch City Laboratories. Thanks to everyone involved and for the support.

OMFG!?!? UPDATE!?! October 3, 2005: Yeah. Update. Not really a glitch update. Just tolet you know whats going on. Where do I begin. Crystal Mew was supposed to actually update and do things. That didnt happen. I trusted Kyogredude with my forums. It heldup good until he promoted someone to admin who added up screwing up the forums. Here is what I hope will happen. Probably, as of now, this site will cease to update. If i make any changes, it'll be a layout change because I feel like doing something in HTML. Doubt it'll happen, but we'll see. If you want to go to a pokemon glitching site that will be updated, Kyogredude and Locke are working on one, you will find the url somewhere in the new forums, which they are also helping with. Soon the site will be an affiliate and hopefully it will continue the legacy that pokeglitch had.

Update, 11/28/04: A R/B glitch, disappearing girl.

Wow has it been a while, 11/26/04: Happy thanksgiving, and i have some glitches: R/B ones: Make scientists appear in start menu; Have start menu up after you save; Make gamblers hand blank.
A G/S one: Have rival walk through you
An R/S one:
Something about a National Dex (i forgot)
and Fr/Lg ones: Transporting Runner, Pokedex Missing Words
I have been thinking about retiring from the game and this appointing a new admin, but i have stopped thinking about that for a while, after noticing the publicity.

Another update, 10/09/04: R/B glitch, Show start menu after you save; Disappearing Trees, And a WHOLE BUNCH or FR/LG Glitches.  Check it out
Another update, 10/08/04: Thanks to EI at10s from serebiiforums, I have an update for the Amazing Man glitch in R/B, check it out.  A Ruby only glitch, thanks to PigZiggy from Serebiiforums: Kill without Removing HPs. A fire red/Leaf Green glitch, Walk Into Mewtwo
Update, 10/08/04: A G/S/C Sound Glitch: Distorted Call
Thanks to Sheer Cold from

Update, 10/03/04:  A R/B, maybe Y glitch.  Stuck in Wall.  Thanks to DkMario.  O yea, that LF glitch i posted in the lsat not a glitch or misspelling or whatever.  Sorry guys!

Update, 9/24/04: A Leaf Green glitch, maybe Fire Red! Woo Misspellings

Update, 9/8/04: 3 R/S Glitches: Dewford Footprints, Grammer Error, Use dig without having it

Update, 9/5/04: An R/S Glitch: Sootopolis Gym. Thanks to _ from the forums

Update, 8/20/04: 1 glitch in Dewford Gym in R/S

Update, 8/19/04: I have another random glitch in the R/S Section. Catch Celebi and a not random glitch in the R/S Section, No Wild Battles while Surfing

Update, 8/15/04: Sorry for the long time without updates, i was away. Anyway, i have some R/S Glitches: Elevator Glitch, Missingno., Fish on Peoples Head

Another Update, 7/06/04: A G/S/C Glitch: Make People Call you
Update, 7/6/04: A R/S Glitch, Splash Water on Guy
Update, 7/03/04: A R/S Glitch.  Walk on Ledge. Sorry for the time of not beign here.  i was at HersheyPark, in Hershey PA.  That Storm Runner's a Thriller!
Another update, 6/30/04: A R/S Mispelling, Mawiles Pokedex, and  R/S Glitches, Thunder/Thunderbolt Glitch, Berry Glitch
Update, 6/30/04: 2 R/B, Y? glitches, Revive a pokemon without Revive, Turn Grass into Water, and 3 R/S glitches, !, really?, Make Gentleman Walk on Fence, Make Aroma Lady stand on ledge, Reflection on Rock.  Big Big Big thanks to ~Crystal Mew~ from the forums.
Update, 6/29/04: Holy moly! another R/S Glitch! Change Start Menu Chooser Color (haha, i said moly)
Update, 6/27/04:Hey! another R/S Glitch! Land on
Rock in Sky Pillar
Update, 6/24/04: Finally, an R/S Glitch! Push Boulder onto Ladder
Update, 6/20/04: Happy Fathers Day! And...
I have an affilate to add, and i have a G/S/C glitch (even tho it uses gameshark, its really cool.) Called New Pokedolls and an addon to the New Missingno's. Glitch in R/B/Y section.  They both link to the affilate, tho.
Update, 6/18/04: This is a monir glitch.  But it happens.  In G/S/C Glitches section, called Head over PC Text. Thanks to J311yFiZh The Purple Warrior from the forums.
Another Update, 6/5/04: Another Crystal Glitch: Change colors!
Update, 6/5/04: A Crystal Glitch!!!!! You can change from girl to boy without losing your saved data! Called Sex Change.
Another Update! 6/4/04; Finally an R/S Glitch section! glitches in it yet.  i will soon though, but ih ave my graduation dance tonight!
Finally!!! An update, 6/4/04; Sorry for the time without updates, tripod wasnt working for me for somereason. But anyway, onto the glitch.  Its called Disappearing Girl!
Update, 4/28/04:I added how to stand on a rock to the G/S/C glitches section.
Update, 4/25/04:Even another update. An addon to the get mew glitch.  There is a way to get different pokemon besides mew when you use that glitch.
Check the page on how to get Mew, at the bottom. Thanks to Crystal Mew of
Update, 4/25/04:Another update.  The forums now have an easier address.  Go to
Update, 4/25/04:Wow, sorry for the long time with no updates.  I was at Walt Disney World (R) and Universal (R) in Orlando.  Anyway.  I added two glitches to the G/S/C gltiches section.  They are called Reset Game and Female...what now?
Update, 4/6/04: The different pokemon that appear on Cinnabar Island have to do with what letters are on your name.  Go to to see more.
Update, 4/3/04: Amazing update tody, thanks to Prof. Glitch from the forums.  It seems that there are two mroe pokemon hidden in the game.  Well, two more pokemon pictures.  Its in the Other Section, called New Pokemon Pictures.
Update, 3/27/04: The forums are back up.  I think we in the forums have stumbled upon a glitch in G/S/C.  When you face schoolboy Chad, when you beat his Mr. Mime, does it says CLOWN has been defeated?  If it does or doesnot, pelase tell me or post it in the forums!  Today is my cousins's birthdays.  Matt and Mike, they are brothers born 2 years apart, but on the same bay.  Happy Birthday!
Update, 3/23/04: The forums down, I'll find a way to get it back up, and maybe all the posts will be there.  Anyway, I got 2 glitches.  Make a man stand on stairs (in other section), and Catch M twice in one battle(in surf section).
Update, 3/16/04: sorry for the time without updates.  Anyway, the mispelling error in have in the other section MAY not be an error, and i added an Affilate.
Update, 3/1/04: I added a glitch taht happens when you trade a missingno. to another game. Its in the Other Section.
Second Update, 2/29/04: I added a G/S/C glitch on how to Duplicate Pokemon.  If you know any more G/S/C glitches, post it in the forums
Update, 2/29/04: Happy Leap Year Day!!! Nothing big today, just sortof a 4th amazing man and a mispelling, in the Other Category.
Update, 2/27/04: I added more glitches on the 21st other than those one listed below, but i didnt say.  Anyway, I added how to make pokemon evolve without using the stone they need to evolve with.  I.E. Make pikachu evolve into a Riahu without a thunder stone.  Thanks to Silver Aggron from for these!
Update, 2/21/04: I added 3 more glitches. See a ghost without a Silph Scope, Turn an HM into a TM, and Amazing Boy (the Amazing Man's son).
Update, 2/20/04: I added two more glitches to the Other Glitches Section. Walk a little with a Fainted Pokemon, and Turn a Spearow into a Ditto.