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Glitch City

Below I have screenshots and info on how to pull a Glitch City.  WARNING>>>THIS COULD MESS UP YOUR GAME.

First off, you have to go to the Safari Zone. Walk around for a little, whatever. After you have about 70 steps left, walk out of the Safari Zone. After the man asks if you want to leave, say no. Now, once again, leave the Safari Zone, and, once again, say no. Now save and turn off. Turn the game back on and continue. Now, leave the safari zone. Now one will talk to you.
So, keep walking down until he talks to you.
Say no. Now walk out, and fly to Cinnabar Island. Go to the right and surf up and down the coast.
Keep surfing intil a thig pops up that says," PA: Ding Dong, you games over," or whatever.
Now you should be back at the Safari Zone building.
Go down and leave that building, and you will be in Glitch City.

Use fly get out.
You can also make it act like your on cycling road.  Instead of going to cinnabar and surfing, go onto Cycling Road until it calls you.
You can also do it by spinning.  Go to Viridian and into the gym, and start spinning on the arrows.  If the thing pops up saying times up when you are spinning, it works.  You will come out of the Viridian Gym, but you will be spinnging.  If you go on the bike and jump off a ledge, it looks like your doing a trick.  If you hold start while walking to a water area, and use surf when the start menu comes up, you will be prof. oak for about a second.

Have Fun