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Over 100 Items


First off, make the item that you want over 100 of into your sixth item in the item slot. To do this, press Select on the item you want more than 100 of, and then on the item that is in the sixth position. Once you've done that, fly to Viridian. Go up this man.
Now talk to him, and say yes. Or no, whatever.
Now fly to Cinnabar Island. Walk to the right and surf up and down the half land/half water thingy. Wait until Missingno. Or 'M appear. There will be like a 4 second delay before you actually battle him.
Now kill it, or run or whatever. The sixth item should have a glitch thing, and then a number next to it.
You know have more than 100 of that item!
The Other Way
1. Fly away from the man to the left of lavender (you can see this in the mew trick)
2.  Now go fight a trainer with a high level pokemon.
3. Now fly back to lavender and go to the path on the left. Your start menu should pop up.
4. Exit out of it.
5. Missingno should appear.

I used this on Rare Candy, Nuggets, Masterball, Iron, Carbos, HP Up, PP Up, ect. ect. ect.