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Change Color
NOTE: Doing this during a saved game file will delete all the pokemon you ahve in your box!  I found that out the hard way.
Start a new game as either a boy or a girl
Save it right away!
Then start a new game as the opposite sex than you chose last time
And save it again right away
But when it says Saving, dont turn off the power, turn off the gameboy.
When you continue the game, your character will be the wrong color!
Normal Boy:
Wrong Colored Boy:
Normal Girl:
Wrong Colored Girl
Reset Game
Gold and Silver only Note:All this does it turn the game off, and turn it back on.  You do not lose everything you had on your game.
You should save before doing this.
No Picture yet
Go to Vermillion.  Talk to the machop there.  Then go to Start->Pack->Key Items.  Then use the Coin Case.  The game will reset.  BTW, after you do this, dont turn the gameboy off.  Keep going to the title screen, and you can actually see Ho-oh/Lugia.
New Pokedolls
To see how to this, go to Prof. Glitch's Site
Sex Change
(Crystal only)
Here is what you do.
Continue your saved game and save again.
Start a new game, only this time be the opposite sex. (if you were a boy, then choose girl, if you were a girl, then choose boy.)
Now go to same place where you just saved, and save the game once again.
But when it says: Warning...Do Not Turn Off Game, shut the game off.
When you restart, continue the game again.  Now you will be the opposite sex, but still in the same saved game!!
Female..what now?
No picture yet.
This is easy.  When you battle Sabrina, look at her Mr. Mime.  Its a female!!!  The female sign next to its name indicates that its a female.
Stand on a rock
This is easy.  Use rock smash on a rock, stand where the rock was, and save the game.  Then the game back on, and...your standing on the rock!!!
Head over PC Text
Start a new game and get to Cherrygrove.  One your there, go to the PC in side the Pokemon Center, and turn it on.  your head will be above the border, at the bottom of the thing that pops up.  Also works on the upstairs PC.
Make People call you
Just go to your mom and keep on turn Daylight Savings Time on, and then off, and then on, and then off, ect. They WILL call!
Distored Call
Go to Entei and click on call, then quickly move up to Raikou, and the call will be distorted!
Thanks to sheer cold from

Have Rival Walk Through You
Thanks to LeeBui from the forums
Every Monday and wednesday, your rival will battle you in the pokemon league (after you've beaten the game, of course). So, you day earlier save somewhere on his path,and the next day, turn the game one.

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